CookFeed is a platform where professional chefs and restaurants can live-stream their work directly to their current and potential audiences online and on mobile devices. Every restaurant has a great story, and CookFeed is here to help them tell and share it.


Avid cooks and foodies who do not view food simply as fuel, but as an experience. They are always looking to improve their skills and try new recipes. Focus more on female demographics.


Build a new medium for sharing food.


Mobile app user experience and user interface design.

Site map
Prototyping and usability testing
Color palette and fonts

Half Baked RGB 151, 195, 214  |  #98c2d6

Gallery RGB 237, 237, 237 |  #ededed

Cod Gray RGB 28, 28, 28  |  #1c1c1c

Wild Sand RGB 245, 245, 245 |  #f5f5f5

Modern readable sans serif font

App user interface

CookFeed has just started its journey by releasing a beta version in the App Store. The app makes it super easy for professional chefs and restaurants to live stream and share online, attracting more clients and expanding their business. CookFeed is still a newbie in the field but has the ambition and the tools to grow fast and take the restaurant business to a whole new level.

Zornitsa’s ability to bring vision to life is remarkable. She grasps concepts quickly and turns projects around in rapid fashion, without sacrificing quality. She is truly an expert in UI/UX who is not afraid to voice her opinion when it is needed. We have made adjustments on multiple projects based on her advice and our clients have loved the results. Zornitsa has been a pleasure to work with and we look forward to working with her for a long time to come!

 – Mike Cappucci, Head of Product Strategy at FoundationLab


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