MassLegal Forms web app

Mass Legal Forms is a legal document automation platform that houses forms and documents for the various civil litigation claims in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It is handled by Sugarman and Sugarman, P.C., as a platform for supporting prospective clients and the community, building thought leadership. The website is for people that have been involved in a motor vehicle accident in which their was an injury, death or damage in excess of $1,000.


Zornitsa’s ability to bring vision to life is remarkable. She grasps concepts quickly and turns projects around in rapid fashion, without sacrificing quality. She is truly an expert in UI/UX who is not afraid to voice her opinion when it is needed. We have made adjustments on multiple projects based on her advice and our clients have loved the results. Zornitsa has been a pleasure to work with and we look forward to working with her for a long time to come!  

 – Mike Cappucci, Head of Product Strategy at FoundationLab

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